Manned Gaurding

Gardier Security Services specializes in the provision of well trained and managed security officers, who have been carefully recruited and selected for specific client assignments.
Many years of experience in the South African Security Industry equips the management of Gardier Security Services with both the experience and knowledge to design and provide a truly superior service to its customers. The shareholders and management of Gardier believe that in order to ensure a motivated and efficient workforce, it needs to live its people focused values every day.
Our people focused management approach, ensures a happy and motivated workforce which inevitably results in a superior service to our customer.
Independent intelligence operations are integrated into our workforce and ensures that we remain abreast of labour or criminal related challenges which may be encountered.
Our emphasis on effective and current procedures, ensure that our on-site staff remain fully equipped with the required knowledge and training to continuously make a difference.
Our ability to combine our superior manpower service offering with effective technology at extremely competitive prices.
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